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 17.10.2014Manual for the aircraft engine 2350

  18.01.2019Spare parts list 2350 (installed in aircrafts from Schempp Hirth)

  18.01.2019Spare parts list 2350 (installed in aircrafts from DG)

  18.01.2019Spare parts list 2350 (installed in aircrafts from Alexander Schleicher)

18.01.2019Spare parts list 2350 (installed in aircrafts from LAK)

 TM 4603-102.06.1984Reduction of the tail pipes in the exhaust (only German)

 TM 4603-205.08.1987Hub for Prop OE-FL 5.83/83 a 5, v 92 for SOLO® 2350

 TM 4603-302.02.1988Muffler 25 00 615 with integrated silencer for engine 2350

 TM 4603-830.04.1993Modification of the carburetors of the engine 2350 (only German)

 TM 4603-921.04.1994Unleaded fuel for the use in the engines 2350, 2350B, 2350BS and 2350C

 TM 4603-1019.07.2001Maintenance of the engine SOLO® 2350

  19.07.2001Maintenance instructions according toTM 4603-10

 TM 4603-1226.07.2011Check of the carburetor housing

 TM 4603-1512.08.2014;Use of a new petrol pump

 TM 4603-1619.05.2015Change of the engine 2350 into a version with electric starter which is connected directly to the crankshaft.


 22.10.2014Manual of the aircraft engine 2350B

 TM 4603-411.10.1988Propeller reduction unit 2350B, crankcase for 2350B (only German)

 AD9-260/220.09.1990Fuel mixture, instructions for taxiing

 TM 4603-631.07.1990Check of all engines 2350B for piston seizures

 TM 4603-6/111.09.1990Change of mandatory fuel and oil

 TM 4603-6/208.09.1990Cancellation of the TM 4603-6


 22.10.2014Manual of the engine 2350BS

 TM 4603-706.02.1992Change of the engine 2350B to the new version 2350BS


 17.10.2014Manual of the engine 2350C

  20.05.2019Spare parts list of the engine 2350C

 InI 4603-126.03.2015Inspection Instruction

 TM 4603-519.06.1990Change of the carburetor cover of the carburetor BN 38 for the engine 2350C

 AD No.: 2012-019725.09.2012AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVE


Change of the axle 20 31 211 by axle 20 31 216 and introduction of new bearings

 TM 4603-1715.07.2015Service Bulletin - Change of the axle

 AD20150052-R119.11.2015Airworthiness Directive

TM 4603-1822.01.2019

 a) Introduction of a nut with flange at the excentric axle. 

b) Intoduction of a lifetime limit of 15 years of operation for the ball bearings at the bearing block of the reduction gear.


 22.10.2014Manual for the engine 2350D

  12.03.2019Spare parts list for the engine 2350D

 AD 2002-130/227.04.2002Reinforcement of the propeller bearing block on the engine 2350D

 TM 4603-1115.04.2002Reinforcement of the propeller bearing block on the engine 2350D

 TM 4603-1226.07.2011Check of the carburetor housing


 15.01.1996Manual for the engine 2489

  07.1996Spare parts list for the engine 2489


 05.01.2001Manual for the engine 262501

  01.10.2009Spare parts list for the engine 262501

  10.12.2018Service manual all 2625

 TM 4600-103.10.1999Limitation of the belt tensione

 TM 4600-206.02.2004Optional use of a slip-clutch

 AD 2007-0001R1-E10.01.2007Slip-Clutch inspection/modification

 TM 4600-2-203.01.2007Slip-Clutch inspection/modification

 TM 4600-2-322.03.2007Change of the slip-clutch on the engines 2 625 01 and 2 625 02


 05.01.2001Manual for the engine 262502

10.12.2018Service manual all 2625

  01.10.2009Spare parts list for the engine 262502


03.12.2018Spare parts list for the engine 2625-01i

11.12.2018Manual for the engine 2625-01i

04.12.2018Service manual engine 2625-01i

08.06.2018EASA certificate

04.06.2018Installation drawing 2625-01i


Change of the engine 2 625 01 from the version with carburettors to the version with electronic engine management for fuel injection and ignition.


Introduction of a new throttle body assembly


 11.12.2018Manual for the engine 262502i

  30.11.2018Spare parts list for the engine 262502i

   26.02.2018Service manual all 2625

 TM 4600-318.12.2014Change of the engine 262502 to the version 262502i with fuel injection; issue 3

 TM 4600-412.12.2012Change of the throttle system

 EASA AD 214-026911.12.2014Change of the redundancy system

 TM 4600-512.12.2014Change of the redundancy system

PAD No.: 16-16116.11.2016Fuel Injection System Control Unit – Modification / Software Update

TM-4600-616.11.2016Change of the ignition mapping


a) Change of the material of the connecting strips from Aluminium to CFK-composite. 

b) Alternative use of a different throttle position sensor. 

TM-4600-926.06.2019Introduction of a new throttle body assembly

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