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SOLO® Aircraft Engine 2350 BS

Description of construction

  •   In-line-two-cylinder-two-stroke engine
  •   Air-cooling
  •   Mixture control via one float type carburetor
  •   CDI ignition
  •   Propeller mounted on belt drive
  •   Electric engine starter
  •   AC generator 12 V, 180 W

Operational data and limitations

Take-off-speed, power and Max. cont. speed, power17 kW (23 HP) at 5,500 1/min.
Max rpm5,500 1/min.
Recommended rpm5,300 1/min.
Idle rpm2,000 1/min.
Cylinder head temp.Max. 275°C
Fuel consumptionMax. speed approx 2.38 US gal./hr. (9.0 l/hr.)
Cruising speed approx. 1.85 US gal./hr. (7,0 l/hr.) at 5,300 1/min.
Engine Displacement430 ccm, cyl. bore 70 mm, stroke 56 mm
Compression Ratio10 : 1
Ignition UnitMagneto SOLO, ignition coil BOSCH or PVL
Ignition PlugsBOSCH W 5 AC heat range 225 or Champion L82 C, Gap 0,5 mm
Direction of rotationCounterclockwise, seen in direction of flight
Fuel2-Stroke mix, AVGAS 100LL, premium gas (min. 95 ROZ)
MixtureMixture ratio 1 : 40 , 2-stroke Castrol mineral oil or synthetic oil, or other oils with specification according to JASO FC oder FD
Dry Weight26 kg
StarterFa. SJCE Tyep: 102 or UNITED TECHNOLOGIES Tyep: 1077-28-Mo 30 sM
Belt DriveRatio 1:2,1

TM 4603-15

Use of a new petrol pump (12.08.14 )

Download (125.13k)

TM 4603-9

21.04.94 Unleaded fuel for the use in the engines 2350, 2350B, 2350BS and 2350C 21.04.94

Download (56.84k)

TM 4603-7

Change of the engine 2350B to the new version 2350BS german version (06.02.92)

Download (35.12k)

Summary Fuel and Oil

Summary Fuel and Oil for SOLO Aircraft Engines

Download (90.91k)

TM 4603-18

a) Introduction of a nut with flange at the excentric axle. b) Intoduction of a lifetime limit of 15 years of operation for the ball bearings at the bearing block of the reduction gear.

Download (245.36k)

Airworthiness Directive

ATA 72 – Engine – Propeller Reduction Gear Excentric Axle Bearings – Replacement

Download (501.53k)
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