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SOLO® Aircraft Engine 2350 B

Description of construction

  •   In-line-two-cylinder-two-stroke engine
  •   Air-cooling
  •   Mixture control via two diaphragm carburetors
  •   CDI ignition
  •   Propeller mounted on belt drive
  •   Electric starter
  •   AC generator

Operational data and limitations

Take-off-speed, power and Max. cont. speed, power17 kW (23 HP) at 6,300 1/min.
Max rpm6,500 1/min.
Recommended rpm5,500 1/min.
Idle rpm2,000 1/min.
Cylinder head temp.Max. 275°C
Fuel consumptionMax. speed approx. 2.25 US gal./hr. (8.5 l/hr.)
Cruising speed approx. 2.03 US gal./hr. (7.7 l/hr.) at 5,500 1/min.
Engine Displacement430 ccm, cyl. bore 70 mm, stroke 56 mm
Compression Ratio10 : 1
Ignition UnitMagneto SOLO, ignition coil BOSCH or PVL
Ignition PlugsBOSCH W 5 AC heat range 225 or Champion L82 C, Gap 0,5 mm
Direction of rotationCounterclockwise, seen in direction of flight
Fuel2-Stroke mix, AVGAS 100LL, premium gas (min. 95 ROZ)
MixtureMixture ratio 1 : 40 , 2-stroke Castrol mineral oil or synthetic oil, or other oils with specification according to JASO FC oder FD
Dry Weight26 kg
StarterFa. SJCE Tyep: 102 or UNITED TECHNOLOGIES Tyep: 1077-28-Mo 30 sM
Belt DriveRatio 1:2,1

TM 4603-15

Use of a new petrol pump (12.08.14 )

Download (125.13k)

TM 4603-9

21.04.94 Unleaded fuel for the use in the engines 2350, 2350B, 2350BS and 2350C 21.04.94

Download (56.84k)

TM 4603-4

Propeller reduction unit 2350B, crankcase for 2350B (only German) (11.10.88)

Download (34.33k)


AD9-260/2 Fuel mixture, instructions for taxiing (20.09.90)

Download (133.32k)

TM 4603-6

Check of all engines 2350B for piston seizures (31.07.90)

Download (73.8k)

TM 4603-6/1

Change of mandatory fuel and oil (11.09.90)

Download (67.92k)

TM 4603-6/2

Cancellation of the TM 4603-6 (08.09.90)

Download (53.21k)

Summary Fuel and Oil

Summary Fuel and Oil for SOLO Aircraft Engines

Download (90.91k)

TM 4603-18

a) Introduction of a nut with flange at the excentric axle. b) Intoduction of a lifetime limit of 15 years of operation for the ball bearings at the bearing block of the reduction gear.

Download (245.36k)

Airworthiness Directive

ATA 72 – Engine – Propeller Reduction Gear Excentric Axle Bearings – Replacement

Download (501.53k)
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