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SOLO Aircraft Engines
SOLO Aircraft Engines
SOLO Aircraft Engines
SOLO Aircraft Engines
SOLO Aircraft Engines

Welcome to SOLO® Aircraft engines

SOLO® develops and manufactures aircraft engines for motorized gliders since 1963. The first certified aircraft engine was the engine SOLO® 560, a four cylinder boxer engine, which was installed in a Scheibe Motorspatz. Later the company Hirth produced that engine as F 10 type.

In 1983 the engine 2350 was certified after cooperation with Prof. Oehler and powers since then the 5-blade propellers of the “Turbos”. More than 1000 gliders with this power plant are flying worldwide. The engine 2350 is also produced in the versions 2350B and BS in the Piccolo motor glider of Technoflug, as 2350C in the Ventus and DG 100T plus as 2350D in the DuoDiscus of Schempp Hirth.

In 1998 the water-cooled engine 2625 was certified in two versions. This engine is installed in the self-launching sailplanes of the companies Schempp Hirth, DG Flugzeugbau, Binder, LAK and HPH. The newest development is the injected 262502i. Today the majority of the motorized sailplanes are using SOLO® engines.

Since June 2023, SOLO has been offering the 80400 electric propulsion system, the first EASA-approved system of its kind.

SOLO® is certified as a design, manufacturing and maintenance organization by the EASA.


Engine 2350D


For all engine types

Engine 262502i

For all engine types

For all engine types

For all engine types

TM 4600-19  
Eccentric shaft at the reduction gear

New firmware update available

Please scroll down to "262502i" for the Service Bulletin Nr. 4600 – 11 an also for the downloadlink of the firmware update.

Technical information 

Spark-plugs for SOLO Aircraft Engines

TM 4600-6  
Change of the ignition mapping

Summary Fuel and Oil for SOLO Aircraft Engines

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