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SOLO® Aircraft Engine 2625 01 i

Description of construction

  •   Twin-cylinder inline two-stroke engine
  •   Liquid cooling
  •   Lubrication by fuel-oil mixture
  •   Electronic fuel injection
  •   Dual electronic high-voltage ignition
  •   Redundancy system
  •   Crankshaft layout for belt transmission
  •   AC generator

Operational data and limitations

Take-off-speed, power6,250 1/min. at a power of 45 kW (61 HP)
Max cont. speed, power6,250 1/min. at a power of 45 kW (61 HP)
Max rpm6,600 1/min
Cut off speed by CPU6,600 1/min.
Idle rpmapprox. 2,300 1/min
Max temp. cooling liquid115 °C (240°F) measured in the cylinder - head
Fuel consumptionMax. continous power approx. 6.34 US gal./hr. (24 l/hr.)
Engine Displacement625 ccm, cyl. bore 76 mm, stroke 69 mm
Compression Ratio9,5 : 1
Ignition UnitElectronic, two butterfly shutters, mapped
Ignition PlugsBOSCH W5 AC Gap at electrodes 0.5 mm
Direction of rotationClockwise, seen in direction of flight
Fuel2-Stroke mix, AVGAS 100LL, premium gas (min. 95 ROZ)
MixtureMixture ratio 1 : 50 , 2-stroke Castrol mineral oil or synthetic oil, or other oils with specification according to JASO FC oder FD
Dry Weightapprox. 24 kg without exhaust (according to airframe manufacturer)
Generator12 V, 500 W
Fuel injectionElectronic, two butterfly shutters, mapped
CoolantEngine coolant (Glysantin BASF G48), tab water (0-20°dh) in a mixture of 40:60 (27°C)

Service manual 262501-i

English version, ed. 2 (04.12.18)

Download (471.22k)

Service manual 2625-01i

German version, ed. 2 (04.12.18)

Download (598.22k)

TM 4600-7

Change of the engine 2 625 01 from the version with carburettors to the version with electronic engine management for fuel injection and ignition.

Download (913.19k)
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